New for the Indiana State Fair 2023 Photography Competition

is the introduction of the  Photographic Artist Category 

A "Photographic Artist" print is a conceptual image altered or manipulated from its original condition. Creations can be a subtle application using post-processing techniques or a dramatic combination of details to suggest a larger story. The photographer is responsible for the idea behind the image and the work done to create the finished art piece. The purpose of this competition is to allow the entrant to demonstrate their art skills and expertise in photography. Prints reveal artistic and technical proficiency. A "Photographic Artist" image can be created using digital or traditional art (such as painting and airbrush) or a combination of both. It may also be a composite photograph made up of more than one to many different photographs.

In the case when more than one image is added to create a central photograph, the photographer must include that image (or in some cases multiple images) in a key or thumbnail guide below or to the side of the central photograph showing each image that has been used to make up the total photograph. As shown in this example.

Submissions MAY NOT include any Artificial Intelligence (AI) generated images.

Note: Entries must also meet all Indiana State Fair requirements as stated in the Indiana Arts Open Entry Book as well as stipulations and guidelines pertaining to the Photography Division Competition. 

Helpful Instructions in Preparing Your Images For Competition

    • Creating a digital mat for your image - view video, click here
    • Helpful guidelines for print mounting - and display - click here

Add to your State Fair Photography Competition Experience.

Once again this year IPPG is offering critiques of images submitted for judging in the Photography Competition. Critiques will be done by Professional Photographers of America (PPA) certified Master Photographers.  You can order a critique of your images by clicking on the link below.

We are also again providing a link to watch the actual print judging while in progress. To sign up for this and receive live, on-line, access to the judging click on the link below.

 page revised April 6, 2023

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